Moyer Diebel MD2000 vs Champion DH-5000

We are comparing the Moyer Diebel MD-2000 to the Champion DH-5000 commercial dishwasher. Moyer Diebel has been a partner in the dish washing equipment industry for fifty years, while Champion has remained the top leader in this industry for over 100 years. Both manufacturers have held a spirit of excellence, which has well served both manufacturers in the equipment and services that each provides.

Moyer Diebel MD-2000
The Moyer Diebel “MD-2000,” is powered by a 1 HP pump motor and a vent fan control system. The MD-2000 model is favored by restaurant, cafe, and bar owners because of its large capacity wash load features. It contains a 55 rack per hour system, with an automatic start that begins when the door is closed. This unit includes a built-in booster heater that provides a 40 degree or a 70 degree rinse. The Moyer Diebel MD-2000 can be converted from a 208 volt charge to a 240 volt charge; it has a single phase to a three phase; or a straight through operation to corner, which makes it the perfect model for any situation or washing environment. The temperature for a final rinse is 180 degree fahrenheit for glasses, dishes, and utensils to feel squeaky clean and sanitized. The MD-2000 has innovative top mounted splash proof controls with an automatic drain valve, a pressure reduction valve, and to save energy and water bills, it is designed with a low water tank heat protection device. The rotating arm on the Moyer Diebel MD-2000 is an efficient and accommodating, interchangeable upper and lower arm.

Champion DH-5000
The leading Champion dishwashing brand name keeps its top notch reputation with its “DH-5000” unit. This sloped hooded door machine helps to reduce costs and increase performance, with its vent that is directed to the outside for the removal of heat and steam. The DH-5000 has proven its cost savings of about $4,000 in its first year and a savings of about $1,000 each year afterwards. The Champion DH-5000 has unique features that make dish washing in busy establishments easy and sanitized. Its 55 racks per hour takes only 60 seconds to cycle, which gives a business, time to serve their customers quickly in clean eating utensils and plates for a faster turn around time frame. Its door feature is user-friendly, with a closed door begins the wash cycle and when its wash and rinse cycle is done, it automatically drains when the power stops. The DH-5000 by Champion, is designed to range in its voltage use from 208 to 480 with a built in booster. It is also configured for both a 40 and 70 degree rinse cycle. This innovative model has 3 standard phases – 5.2 electric kw tank, a 7.5 kw booster, and it is available in steam or gas heated units, all of which are convertible in a single phase.

The higher quality dishwasher is Champion DH-5000 due to its ability reduce the time this unit spends cleaning dishes and utensils. It has improved performance that cuts grease and oils quicker than many other models. Its cycle and drying times are shorter and its high temperature gauge saves time and performance costs. It only uses 1.2 gallons per cycle and does not use any chemicals, in its wash or rinse cycles, as its upper and lower wash and rinse arms blasts clean water in varying directions. Champion’s customized products makes them the preferred brand for food service operations by many institutions that serves the public.

You will be pleased with your purchase when you invest in the Champion dishwasher for your business because of its great features and its high capacity level.




Champion DH-2000



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