Champion DH-5000 A Clean Dishwasher Winner

It is crucial for frequently visited restaurants and other type of food serving facilities to always have a grand quantity of clean dishes available at all times, because if that is not the case, it might negatively affect the business in the long run, as customers shouldn’t wait a long time, under any circumstance, to receive their order. The only way a business can achieve this is not by manually cleaning one dish at a time but by having a commercial dishwasher do all of this difficult labor at once. Yes, in a matter of minutes, a commercial dishwasher can do wonders! And thankfully, there are many of these types of products in the market. But with so many brands out-there stating to be the best of the best, it might become a difficult task when it comes to choosing the ‘one.’ At the moment, out-of-all the brands, the Champion and Jackson companies, which specialize in manufacturing dishwashers, have been causing quite a buzz on various reputable online stores–due to their innovative dishwasher models. But which one of these two customer high-rated models is the best option for your wallet? Let’s review!

The DH5000 model is the newest electric commercial dishwasher from the veteran brand Champion (a company that has been successfully in business for over 100 years). This product in particular has a built-in direct vent option, which allows the unit to vent heat and steam directly outside your place of business (no hood needed). It is Energy Star qualified, has an auto starter, rinse sentry, standard and heavy duty wash cycles, built-in booster, and only requires 0.83 gallons of water per rack (can clean up to 53 racks in 60 minutes). This machine is able to clean high-end delicate dishes, such as wine glass and fine china. The Champion DH-5000 will run you a little over $10,000 USD in most stores. For the moment, this model has more positive reviews than anything else–people seem to love all of its functions!

On the other hand, the TempStar model is the newest commercial dishwasher by the well-known Kentucky located company Jackson. This model is available in both electric or steam, has a built-in pressure regulator, manual wash switch, door safety switch, fully automatic, Jackson’s exclusive Sani-Sure technology, and requires 0.89 gallons of water per rack. The company states that this particular model is able to clean every dish the first time through (even if it’s a greasy pot). Other standard features include a booster heater, 70 F rise, built-in pressure regulator, field phase conversion capability and top mounted controls. This TempStar model is constructed of heavy duty stainless steel. This item will run you for less than 10,000 USD in most stores.

As you can tell, both of these models can offer any food serving facility the perfect solution to having clean dishes available at all times. But due to its water saving design, the DH-5000 model by Champion wins by a mile. It will cost you more than the TempStar, but it’s totally worth it in the long run, as you will annually save more money on your monthly water bill and have a one year warranty on both parts and labor!

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Champion DH-5000 Dishwasher

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